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We try to get in as much uninterrupted work time as possible, that is why we feel 3 hour classes are appropriate.

A healthy nutritious snack is provided where the children prepare their own snack when they feel hungry.  They can either have snack alone or invite a friend, usually two at a time at a snack table.

Fresh air and exercise is important so we try and go outside rain or shine (unless it's really bad) for about a half an hour.

A 20 minute opening circle time to introduce new activities, calendar, Spanish, show and tell, sing songs or group discussions.

Show 'n' tell is everyday, each child is assigned a specific day.  Show 'n' tell goes along with the sounds they are learning...example-- Qq...Quarter or perhaps a quilt.

Our Montessori Primary Class

Our program consists of a multi-age group from 2.5 to 6.  This is to create a better classroom community, where the older children help the younger ones creating an impression of admiration and leadership.  The feeling in the classroom has a homey family feel, where children are invited to participate in classroom activities, the children are the main focus where they can choose a  class room activity of their choice. The classroom environment is carefully prepared to intrigue the child into making a constructive work choice that will hold their attention until the chosen work is mastered, the teacher is always there to guide. Because the children are able to choose self directed work, the teacher has more time for one on one or small group lessons.  Kelly Lake Montessori is a traditional Montessori school that is understanding of the child and how they are naturally. Young children are not made to sit still for long periods of time, through movement they learn from their environment.  The idea is to follow the child, guide them not impose.

"The child is the creator of himself; the environment should reveal not mold him."
—Dr. Maria Montessori  

"A Place for Children to Learn and Discover"

Kelly Lake Montessori

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Areas of Study

Language, reading and writing


Sensorial, teaching the appreciation of largest to smallest etc.



Practical life exercises